Where can you use blenders for, and what are the most chosen ones? A few types that can help you on your mission!

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With a blender you can do anything. It makes cutting and mashing fruits and vegetables very easy. All you have to do is put chunks of them into the blender cup. Whether you want to make soup or a smoothie, a blender is your perfect smoothie maker or soup maker.

  • The basis of a blender consists of a rotating blade that chops the contents of the mixing bowl into a smooth whole. Puréeing food, making fresh baby snacks, preparing soups and making tasty cold milkshakes or smoothies: it can all be done.
  • Even a delicious iced coffee or cocktail will soon be made by yourself! Just compare some blenders and you will soon know which one is the best buy. If you want to buy a blender, we will be happy to help you. With the help of the information on this page you can choose the best variant for your situation like you can read in this article about the Vitamix 750 Vs 750.

Mixing bowl

Every blender has a mixing cup, but they are all different. Some have a rounded wall, others have angular walls. Of course, the content also differs from one model to another, because one model can contain more pieces of fruit and vegetables than another. The main distinction that can be made is between models with a cup that can hold a maximum of 1.5 liters and models that can hold more. And then you have the different material that the mixing cup can be made of. Do you prefer glass or plastic? Based on this, you can easily compare blenders. In general, glass can handle more and is easier to clean than plastic. However, glass is also more expensive than plastic.


The wattage of the blender indicates how powerful it is. If you want to chop up large chunks of vegetables, fruit and ice cream, you’ll need more power.

Fill opening

A spout is a very handy addition to the mixing bowl. It ensures that you make less mess when pouring the contents. Great, isn’t it?

Flood tap

Mixed drinks, smoothies and soup can be easily tapped from the blender if there is a tap on the appliance. If you’re planning to prepare larger quantities, this is definitely a must. Specially for ice cold treats, some blenders have a built-in ice crusher. If you plan to use this a lot, it’s wise to pick such a model.


There are several ways manufacturers ensure safety when you use their blender. A good example are non-slip feet. These ensure that the device is more stable. So it stays in place better when you get started with it. Also, most blenders will not spin their blades if the machine is not assembled properly. In addition, the filler opening in the lid is also ideal if you want to safely add new ingredients to a mixture you are already blending.